The Leaked Secret to Male Chastity – How To Become One’s Slave?

In this male chastity guide, you will get a brief introduction on what male chastity means to a couple and what it brings. You will be introduced to some of the points that come with the concept of chastity in a couple and the feelings and expectations of each partner.

At the beginning, it must be said that in the event that you are tensed about being with a partner who will converse to you about his / her desires and interests in chastity, then you need not worry. Some men or even many like to provide hold of their sexual compatibility to their partner, whereas rest of the like to hold their partner by the hand and to keep the key.

The couples are affected by the relationship to male chastity. Experts will explain to you how chastity promotes well-being within the couple relationship. If you read these paragraphs about male chastity, you will understand why a man wants to live in chastity and why this can greatly improve the relationship. If you’re interested, is a reliable store to get one of these devices.

Entry into chastity

Give your couple a little time before using a chastity device. Initially agree with your partner that you want him or her to satisfy you sexually, but agree in advance that you will not allow him or her to play.

The first time you will certainly be a little bit frightened by the situation, but over time, when you see how your partner enjoys pleasing you, you will quickly understand the benefits you will gain and more security. You can also tell him / her that he is doing his job well and you will allow him or her to play tomorrow.

Once this first step is done, you feel comfortable with it and you realize that everything is working well between the two of you, you can start putting a chastity cage on it.

Once your partner happens to be trapped in a chastity device, it is advised you to take a consistent approach towards him. Chastity devices always remind him that he is in your control. He will expect you to be specifically asked for suggestions, and his job will be to submit to you in order to satisfy you and achieve a speedy release. So do not hesitate to act according to a guideline and to communicate your wishes to him.

Applying the chastity device

If you are new to the field of chastity, I recommend that you ask your partner to create the chastity device yourself. However, do not put the lock out of your hands. You must lock the device with the lock itself, so that the small click sound generated by closing the lock marks the beginning of its “chaste time”. From that moment on, it must be clear to both that he is under your control.

The Psychological Aspect of Male Chastity

You will notice a behavioral change in the chaste man very quickly. He will be more attentive and not grumble to help you with housework. He will treat you like a prince or princess and pay attention to you. As you enjoy all his changes, do not forget to adjust your relationship to him. Take a determined and authoritarian attitude that is focused on your well-being and sexual development. Once you have taken control of his sexuality, his most important concern will be to serve you. Do not let him sit in his armchair in front of the TV, but give him instructions on how to clean up the kitchen, prepare you for a bath, expect you in bed to give you a massage, or just to warm you in your bed (very handy in winter!). Do not be afraid to give him your instructions and remind him that if you are not satisfied you will let him wear his chastity device even longer. This is very effective and easy to implement.

In conclusion

The chastity of the man can contribute much more to your relationship than you can imagine at first. This way of life enriches you and your partner. Do not forget that it is up to you to make this moment pleasant and constructive. If your sexuality is under your control, show consistent behavior and do not hesitate to tell him what you expect from him and how he can satisfy you. If you have left your partner in control, give him love every day, be in a good mood and polite, and make sure your partner does not miss out on anything. For the day of the next liberation is approaching hour by hour!