The coolest (or hottest) kink — Temperature play

It’s no secret that different people enjoy different kinks and ways of receiving sexual pleasure. We’ve come so far that it seems you can practically employ anything you’d like between your sheets and call it a fetish of your own. Therefore, we’re looking to explore the world of temperature play. Yup, playing around with cold and hot sensations to up your masturbation or partner experience. Let’s check it out, shall we?

What is temperature play?

Namely, it all comes down to using hot or cold objects to up your sexual activity. Either by using candle wax or ice cubes, your body reacts intensely to temperature change on your skin and erogenous zones. It’s no rocket science, but it sure is clever enough to make even the dullest of routines feel fresh and interesting once again.

Temperature play usually combines sensory deprivation to achieve better results. That means that people will, for example, blindfold their partners and then stimulate them with warm or cold objects. The point is to allow them to focus solely on touch without their eyesight distracting them. Cool, isn’t it? Well, it can be hot too. 

The parts of the body you’ll want to target are many. From genitals to nipples, you can use every zone that’s rich with nerve endings to enjoy temperature play. Of course, safety is a big part of this act. Hence, we’d suggest that you take it easy if you’re a beginner and gradually become more inventive and intense with your ideas.

Six great ways to get started with temperature play

Heat or cool your sex toys

The easiest way to play around with temperature is to use your adult toys and cool or heat them. It can work both while alone or with your partner, which makes it awesome. However, not all toys will work. The ones you need to look out for are stainless-steel dildos or glass sex toys. Also, you can use silicone to varying results.

The best way to do it is to place your, for example, glass dildos from LG or butt plug in the freezer or hot water to change its temperature. Of course, you’ll need a bit of patience, as it may take longer for some objects to heat or cool off. Nevertheless, it’s important to state that this works the safest with manual toys without electronics inside. You don’t want to damage your favorite toys if they’re not fully waterproof.

Grab some ice cubes

Another simple way to enjoy temperature play is to use ice cubes on your body. It works best when you’re with your partner, and you can go about it in various ways. A cool idea might be to grab some cubes straight from your freezer and slowly rub them over your lover’s nipples or belly. You can gradually move down towards their genitals too.

On the other hand, you may want to place an ice cube in your mouth and give them oral sex with it. That is really kinky, and it seems like most pop-culture depictions of temperature play use it as it’s pretty graphic and hot in a cold way. You know what we mean. Anyway, play around with their erogenous zones such as nipples, genitals, neck, or lips. If it seems like too much, you can start with cold water.

Warm your mouth

When it comes to hot sensations, the easiest way to rock your partner is to warm your mouth before going down on them. You can do this with a cup of tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage that you usually enjoy. So, drink it right before you give them a lick or a blowjob, and you’ll immediately see their eyes roll back with pleasure.

Still, you need to be careful. You don’t want to burn them while you’re at it. But besides that, you should also avoid putting sugar in your warm beverage. The reason is that sweets are perfect for bacteria to cause a nasty infection. So, be careful, and don’t forget to think about safety no matter how horny you feel. No one wants bacteria down there, right?

Try a massage candle

Another common way of enjoying temperature play is incorporating candles into sexual intercourse. However, not every candle will work here. You’ll need to buy massage candles as they burn at a much lower temperature which is safe for body contact. Also, the candles dissolve into pleasant-smelling massage oil that you can rub into your partner’s skin afterward to make the whole deal even more interesting.

Massages and sex go hand-in-hand. We don’t need to elaborate on that further. There’s even a whole genre of porn that revolves around it. There’s no reason why you and your partner shouldn’t try it out if you’re looking to play around with temperature. So, use massage candles and be prepared for some serious rubbing.

Ice cream, whipped cream, or any other tasty treat

This is where two worlds collide. By that, we mean that this is a mixture of temperature and food play. You can play with it either while alone or with your partner. Just open your fridge and pull out a cone of ice cream, slap it onto your body, and start masturbating. But let’s segue into some more interesting ideas, shall we?

Well, ice cream on your nipples while you’re rubbing one out is okay, but the best part is when you do it with your lover. Covering their penis or nipples in warm chocolate while you lick it off will make for one hell of a kinky session. Unfortunately, you need to be careful because of sugar. It’s essential for you to wash your body thoroughly right after you’re done playing around. Don’t act dumb — take care of your hygiene.

Drip hot wax

Lastly, we’d like to up the stakes a bit. Using wax candles is pretty different from enjoying massage oil ones. The reason is, they burn at higher temperatures and can be rather dangerous if you’re a newbie. Therefore, we suggest that you start slowly with soy or paraffin candles as they’re more beginner-friendly than others.

You can allow them to drip onto you from a distance, and as they fall, the air will cool them off a bit. Still, it’s much more intense than previous massage candles. But once you get the hang of it, you can use stuff like beeswax or palm to increase the sensations. They burn at higher temperatures, so it’s key to prepare yourself for some serious heat.

Nevertheless, keep safety a priority no matter what form of temperature play you are into. If you realize that you’ve hurt yourself seriously, immediately contact your doctor. Burns can be pretty painful and dangerous. As such, we’d always suggest that you keep in mind that you’re playing with fire after all. What seems great on paper doesn’t always work well in real life.