I am so grateful to have a platform like this to be open and show my true colors to everyone. My name is Billie, and I am a 25-year old gay guy from Colorado. I was hiding in my closet for 20 years, and I must say those have been the difficult years of my life. I was never myself pretending to be someone else, that is why I started this blog 5 years ago. At first, it was just a private website where I get to write express how difficult it was not to come out because I did not want to disappoint the people around me. However, I realized that by doing so, I am disappointing myself.

After a year, I finally had the courage to come out and what better way to do it than posting it here on my blog. I emailed the link to my friends, and so-called “friends” waiting nervously for any reply. I lost some friends, but are they really my friends? Some stayed, and I gained some more.

Today, I still write on this blog, but now I share and encourage everyone to remain true to themselves to achieve happiness. I listen to my readers, join communities, and online groups to share my story with the hope of encouraging them and support them.

Welcome to williamrussellforcongress.com, and I hope you enjoy the contents of this website!